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In the aftermath of the acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas on October 7, 2023, when more Jewish people were murdered than on any other single day since the Holocaust, emotions of outrage, anguish, and concern have dominated hearts, minds, and headlines. As a result of the actions of Hamas, the region is now engulfed in a war that is costing Palestinian and Israeli lives every day.

As events continue to unfold, the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies continues to mobilize to support and protect our community. On this portal is information about the conflict, access to emotional and other support, opportunities to take action and many other resources to meet the needs of our community.

On October 7 the internationally proscribed Islamist terror organisation Hamas perpetrated the most horrific attack on Jews since the Holocaust, massacring over 1,200 people in southern Israel in the most barbaric manner imaginable: torturing families, mutilating children and adults, raping hundreds of Jewish girls and women of all ages, setting fire to people and desecrating bodies after the orgy of killing. Over 4,000 people were wounded and over 240 people: Israeli Jews, Israeli Muslims and Israeli Christians, guest workers and visitors, aged from 9 months to over 80 years, were abducted to Gaza. At the time of writing those people are still being held hostage there.

Israel is fighting this war against Hamas primarily to free those hostages and bring them home, but also to remove the threat outlined by Hamas deputy foreign minister Ghazi Hamad on October 24, that Hamas will repeat October 7 “again and again until Israel is ‘annihilated”.

Similarly Israel is fighting to eliminate the threat posed by other Iranian proxy armies including Islamic Jihad from Gaza and Hezbollah from Lebanon, who have long attacked its people, currently rocketing the country and sending terrorists in to perpetrate further massacres in the style of Hamas.

Israel and most Western governments regard this war as parallel to the wars against ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other Islamist terror organisations.

Hamas, which is an acronym of its official name, the Islamic Resistance Movement, is an Islamist Jihadist terror organisation founded in 1987 in the Gaza Strip by Sheik Ahmed Yassin. Its ideological roots lie in the Muslim Brotherhood, itself founded in Egypt in 1928. During the Second World War period the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini, were in a close alliance with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. They had Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf translated into Arabic, changing the title to My Jihad and the rabidly antisemitic Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer adapted to suit the Arab world. The agreement was that the Muslim Brotherhood would carry out in the Middle East the work of the Nazis: exterminating every Jew. This is still the aim of Hamas. 

Hamas, whose philosophy and methodology combine those of the Nazis and ISIS, is similarly a threat to all people and societies. Its radical Islamist ideology rejects and punishes by death ‘unbelievers’, gay people, trans people and political opponents and allows none of the liberal Western values. The horrific attacks perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 align with those of Al Qaeda in the US on 9/11, London on 7/7 and Paris (Charlie Hebdo) in 2015; of Jama Islamiya in Bali in 2002; the Boko Haram kidnappings of Christian schoolgirls in Nigeria in 2014; and all the actions of ISIS. Australians remember well the image of the Australian boy in Rakka holding up a severed head – his father a member of Islamic State.  

War is abhorrent, but the war currently being fought against Hamas by Israel is recognised by the US, Australia, the UK, India and most countries of Europe as one of the wars which simply has to be fought and won, just as the wars against the Nazis and ISIS were.

Hear about Hamas in their own words and in the words of Arab journalists, academics and other commentators.


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For people overseas who need emergency consular assistance, it’s available 24 hours a day by calling the Consular Emergency Centre (CEC) in Canberra on 1300 555 135 within Australia, or +61 2 6261 3305 from anywhere in the world.

To contact the Israeli Embassy in Canberra for consular assistance, call (02) 6215 4510


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