Harm Prevention Foundation

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Harm Prevention Foundation is the entity through which we conduct our work pertaining to the prevention of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to others. This work includes:

  • promoting understanding, tolerance and harmony among the many ethnic, racial and religious communities in NSW;
  • preparing and lodging submissions, publishing media releases and articles regarding racial, religious and ethnic intolerance and other forms of bigotry and discrimination;
  • educating people (including schoolchildren) from diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds through seminars, programs, lectures and educational programs about the harmful effects of antisemitism and other forms of racism and how it can be combated, with a view to encouraging them to do so;
  • educating and informing the wider community about Jewish history, culture, customs and traditions with a view to reducing antisemitism and other forms of racism;
  • educating potential leaders of diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities about ways to prevent and combat racism and antisemitism and promote racial harmony and tolerance;
  • investigating reported incidents and communicating with individuals and organisations who are, or alleged to be, involved in antisemitic or other racist or discriminatory activities with a view to minimising their harm, ameliorating the negative impact and preventing their recurrence;
  • providing all manner of support to individuals and organisations who are the victims of antisemitic abuse and other forms of racial, religious or ethnic intolerance or other bigotry and discrimination;
  • liaising with and working with various forms of media (including social media) to publicise the proliferation of racial, religious and ethnic intolerance and other forms of discrimination and the importance of exposing and counteracting it and rendering it socially and politically unacceptable;
  • promoting child protection within the NSW Jewish community, including by establishing and managing community-wide consultations and workshops, preparing submissions, drafting and distributing reports, policies and procedures, and providing education and training in relation to making institutions safe for children.
  • promoting suicide prevention within the Jewish community through events and social media that support the Jewish Suicide Prevention Strategy (JSPS).