Responding to incidents

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is the community organisation that is tasked with assisting individuals and organisations to respond to antisemitic incidents, whether they occur in the workplace, schoolyard, university campus or on social media.

The Board of Deputies recently launched an online reporting portal to make it easier to report antisemitic bullying and choose whether to provide details or be anonymous.

It comes after an SMH report revealed antisemitism was rising in Sydney schools, and a recent academic study found widespread religious bullying affecting Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish students in Australian schools.

Board of Deputies staff also work with schools after antisemitic incidents have taken place, offering a suite of responses which invariably include presentations on racism, participation in our Respect, Understanding, Acceptance (RUA) schools harmony program, and guided tours of the Sydney Jewish Museum.

If you wish to report an incident at school, call the Board of Deputies on (02) 9360 1600 or submit the details on this FORM.

Here are some way that individuals can help combat antisemitism.