Social Justice

Our social justice work is predominantly carried out by deputies who sit on the Social Justice Committee.

Issues covered by the committee include: developing policies and protocols for Jewish organisations to ensure the protection of children and young people from abuse within Jewish community institutions;  understanding and responding to issues of disability; mental health; ageing and carers; and associated services for members of the community; understanding the circumstances and needs of families, children and young people experiencing adversity and vulnerability in the Jewish community; housing and homelessness; working cooperatively with relevant community organisations in the Jewish community and consulting with  welfare organisations in the wider community on these issues; cooperative Jewish and Indigenous activities.

Recently, through our affiliate partner the Sydney Alliance, members of the committee formed a key part of the Jewish Voices for Power coalition which lobbies the government for cleaner energy solutions for tenants and other marginalised communities. As a participant in the Voices for Power conference in July 2019 we were able to secure commitments from the government and opposition regarding the construction of more clean energy projects.

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