Statement on Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided capital of Israel and the Jewish nation. It is the location of the Israeli Parliament (the Knesset), Supreme Court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other major government departments. It is the holiest city to the Jewish people, plays a major role in Jewish liturgy and was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. It is where the Western Wall (the only remaining section of the Second Temple) is located and has served as the capital of Israel since it was declared a state by the United Nations General Assembly on May 14, 1948.

The Board of Deputies endorses the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Policy Platform pertaining to Jerusalem (Section 34):

This Council:

34.1  REAFFIRMS the centrality of Jerusalem historically, religiously and culturally to Jews and Judaism;

34.2  STRESSES the need for free access and worship for Jews at all religious sites, including The Temple Mount;

34.3  CALLS ON the Australian Government to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem and to transfer the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.