The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies has condemned a letterbox drop leaflet in Sydney’s Neutral Bay area comparing the COVID lockdown restrictions with 1942 Nazi restrictions imposed upon Jews.

J-Wire Newsdesk
August 13, 2021

The Dail Mail reported “it lists a number of public places including restaurants and cafes, cinemas, beaches, sporting events and parks that the Jewish community were forbidden from attending in the lead-up to World War II. ”

CEO of The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies Darren Bark told J-Wire: “This accusation is as disgraceful as it is reprehensible. The banning from public locations, deportation and then the murder of six million Jews by a totalitarian, racist, antisemitic regime stands as an unmatched horrific time in modern history. A comparison cannot be made between what happened during World War II, and the efforts of our officials to balance our health and economic needs while under threat from a worldwide pandemic

Comparisons such as this are offensive and hurtful to well-meaning Australians, given that 27,000 Australian soldiers lost their lives fighting that regime and cheapen the sacrifice of the millions of Jews and other victims murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.”